Inspection of Wooden Product

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Wooden product refers to the product, whose raw material is wooden materials, is assembled with hardware and processed with paint and glue. Wooden product is closely related to our life, from sofa in living room, bed in bedroom to chopsticks that we use to have meals. Its quality is concerned by people so the inspection and test of wooden product is particularly significant. In recent years, the wooden products exported from China (such as wardrobe, chair, indoor and outdoor plant shelf) are popular in overseas market, such as Amazon E-commerce Platform. So how do we inspect the wooden products? What are standards and major defects of wooden products?

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I. General Inspection Method of Wooden Product
II. Inspection Standard and Requirement of Wooden Furniture
III. Assembly and Inspection Standard of Wooden Furniture
IV. Hardware Inspection Standard
V. Carton Inspection Standard
VI. Detailed Interpretation of Wooden Product Defects

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