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  • Inspection of Wooden Product

    Inspection of Wooden Product

    Wooden product refers to the product, whose raw material is wooden materials, is assembled with hardware and processed with paint and glue. Wooden product is closely related to our life, from sofa in living room, bed in bedroom to chopsticks that we use to have meals. Its quality is concerned by people so the inspection and test of wooden product is particularly significant. In recent years, the wooden products exported from China (such as wardrobe, chair, indoor and outdoor plant shelf) are popular in overseas market, such as Amazon E-commerce Platform. So how do we inspect the wooden products? What are standards and major defects of wooden products?

  • Bluetooth Headset Inspection

    Bluetooth Headset Inspection

    When I put on my headset and walk down the road, the noise of the world has nothing to do with me. The human used wired headset a few years ago. With the development of science and technology, wireless Bluetooth headset appears, which is convenient introduction and simple, with bursting the sense of technology. With the increasing number of styles of wireless Bluetooth headset, the demand for inspection is becoming more and stricter in terms of quality. The inspection report is an objective w...
  • Standard for Inspection of Wireless Bluetooth Headset

    Standard for Inspection of Wireless Bluetooth Headset

    Sampling standard: ISO 2859-1 Sampling scheme: Normal test of sampling scheme for once, sampling level: G-III or S-4 Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL): very serious, not allowed;  serious: 0.25; slight: 0.4 Sampling quantity: G-III 125 unit; S-4 13 units 2.1 Sales Package No packing error; no damage to color box /PVC bag; no error or defect in surface printing; no error or defect in bar code; 2.2 Appearance No scratches, poor paint spraying and silk screen printing, and molding mark on the appea...
  • Inspection Standards and Methods of Industrial Bearing Products

    Inspection Standards and Methods of Industrial Bearing Products

    1. Appearance Inspection of Child’s Toothbrushes 2. Safety Requirements and Inspection of Child’s Toothbrushes 3. Inspection of Specification and Size of Child’s Toothbrushes 4. Inspection of Bristle Strength of Child’s Toothbrushes 5. Inspection of Physical Performance of Child’s Toothbrushes 6. Sueding Inspection of Child’s Toothbrushes 7. Inspection of Ornaments of Child’s Toothbrushes 1. Appearance Inspection - Decolorization test: use the absorbe...
  • Inspection of Scooter

    Inspection of Scooter

    Electric scooter is another new product form of skateboarding movement after the traditional skateboarding. The electric scooter is featured with significant energy savings, fast charging and long range. The whole scooter is beautiful in shape, easy to operate and safer to drive. For the friends who enjoy the convenience of life, this is absolutely a very suitable choice, which will add a little more fun to the life. As it relates to the safety, the inspection of electric scooter is particularly important. How to test the electric scooter?

  • Standards and Methods for Inspection of Child’s Toothbrushes

    Standards and Methods for Inspection of Child’s Toothbrushes

    Child’s oral mucosa and gums are more fragile. The use of substandard child’s toothbrush not only cannot achieve good cleaning effect, but also may cause damage to the surface of child’s gums and the oral soft tissue. What are the standards and methods for inspection of child’s toothbrushes?

  • Inspection of Plug and Socket

    Inspection of Plug and Socket

    Though the plug and socket product is in small sized, the quality is related to the safety of thousands of households. In addition, the plug and socket product is extensively used in fields of daily lighting, household appliances to industrial and agricultural production, e-commerce and satellite launching, and is the necessary and “significant” product. According to the statistics from Public Safety Department, the poor quality of plug and socket is the important reason leading to electrical fire in recent years. 

  • Presswork Inspection

    Presswork Inspection

    There are various quality problems of presswork in some enterprises and the root cause and influence factor is not clearly known sometimes. 

  • Inspection of Vacuum cup and Vacuum pot

    Inspection of Vacuum cup and Vacuum pot

    It is almost a must for everyone to have a vacuum cup. Children drink hot water to replenish water at any time with a vacuum cup, and middle-aged and elderly people soak red dates and medlar in a vacuum cup for health care. However, unqualified vacuum cups may have potential safety hazards and excessive heavy metals.

  • Tableware Inspection

    Tableware Inspection

    Tableware refers to the non-edible utensil and tools having direct contact with foods when having meals, and is used to assist the foods dispensing and delivering

  • Inspection for Fixed Fitness Equipment

    Inspection for Fixed Fitness Equipment

    Fixed fitness equipment: refers to that the equipment cannot be moved as a whole or placed on the floor, or connected to the wall, ceiling or other fixed structure.

  • Inspection of Glass Bottle

    Inspection of Glass Bottle

    The glass is the most common article in our daily contact and use. From life supplies, such as glass bottle to building and decoration materials, such as glass curtain, the glass made a relatively great contribution to cultural progress around the world.

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