Company Profile

Founded in 2017

EC is an expert third-party product quality inspection organization in China, established in 2017, with key members from world-renowned trading companies and third-party inspection companies, with more than 20 years of experience in quality technology, familiar with the quality technology of various products in international trade and the industry standards of various countries and regions, as a high-quality inspection organization, the company aims to provide customers with a high quality inspection agency, the company aims to provide customers with high quality product inspection, testing, factory evaluation, consulting and customization services. Our product range covers textiles, groceries, electronics, machinery, agricultural and food products, industrial products, minerals, etc.

Service Coverage

All regions of China
Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand)
South Asia (India, Bangladesh)
Northeast Asia region (Korea, Japan)
Europe region (UK, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Norway)
North America Region (U.S., Canada)
South America (Chile, Brazil)
Africa Region (Egypt)


Benefits Of Our Services

Honest and fair working attitude, professional inspectors to reduce the risk of receiving defective products for you.
Ensure your goods comply with domestic and international mandatory and non-mandatory safety regulations.
Perfect testing equipment, perfect service is the guarantee of your confidence.
Always customer-oriented, flexible functioning, to gain more time and space for you.
Reasonable price, reduce your own inspection of the goods required to travel costs and other incidental expenses.
Flexible arrangement, 3-5 working days in advance