Loading Supervision

Container loading supervision

More and more consignors and customers request forwarders to send Inspectors to supervise the loading process on the site, aiming to supervise the loading, and thus prevent cargo damage and loss. In addition, some consignors need dividing a batch of cargo into several different containers and send them to several different consignees, so cargo should be loaded according to the orders, and loading supervision is carried out to avoid mistakes..

First of all, let's understand the definition of container loading supervision. Container loading supervision refers to the final step of cargo monitoring in the manufacturing process. Inspectors from the factory or a third party inspect the packing and loading on site when the goods are packed in the manufacturer's warehouse or the site of freight forwarding company. During the loading supervision period, inspectors will supervise the execution of the whole loading process. Container loading supervision helps you ensure the delivery of correct products and their quantities before payment.

The following aspects are involved in container loading supervision:

◆ Check quantity and outer package of products;
◆ Check product quality by random sampling inspection;
◆ Seal containers and record seal No. to prevent products from being replaced in transportation;
◆ Supervise the loading process to minimize damage and loss and maximize space utilization;
◆ Record loading conditions, including weather, container arrival time, container No., trucks' license plate No., and etc.

Benefits of container loading supervision

1. Ensure the quantity of goods is correct;
2. Ensure that the container environment is suitable for transportation, including humidity and odor;
3. Check the packing and loading conditions of goods to reduce damage to the goods caused by improper packing or stacking during transportation;
4. Randomly check the quality of goods in the packing boxes;
5. Maximize space utilization and save costs;
6. Prevent the factory or freight forwarder from replacing products midway.

What can EC Global offer you? 

Flat pricing: Get fast and professional loading supervision services at flat price.

Super fast service: Thanks to quick scheduling, get the preliminary conclusion from EC Global on site after the loading process is done, and the formal report from EC Globalwithin one business day; ensure timely shipment.

Transparent oversight: Real-time updates from inspectors; strict control of on-site operations.

Strict and fair: The expert teams of EC across the country provide you with professional services; independent, open and impartial anti-corruption supervision team randomly checks on-site inspection teams and monitors on site.

Personalized service: EC has service capability that covers multiple product categories. We will design a customized inspection service plan for your specific needs, to address your problems individually, offer an independent interaction platform and collect your feedback and suggestions about the inspection team. This way, you can be involved in inspection team management. Also, for interactive technical exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technical seminar for your needs and feedback.

EC Global Inspection Team

International Coverage: China Mainland, Taiwan, South East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar), South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Africa (Kenya), Turkey.

Local services: local inspectors can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses.

Professional team: the rigorous entry criteria and industry skill training create an excellent service team.