About Us


We can mainly provide best-in-class professional third-party quality assurance services. Our competitive services include inspection, factory audit, loading supervision, testing, translation, training, and other customized services. We are committed to becoming the one-stop shop for meeting all needs in your supply chain throughout Asia.

Our senior team members used to work in other well-known 3rd party providers and large trading companies and have accumulated rich experience in a broad range of quality assurance and supply chain management. We are experts in the industry, in technical standards, and in helping our customers succeed. Give us a call to find out how.

Our Purpose

To provide best-in-class service to meet and exceed your expectations!

Corporate Vision

To create the most recognized third-party service platform in the world.

Core Mission

To help our customers succeed, by increasing profit, protecting brands, and improving customer satisfaction.

Inspection And Factory Audit


Operator inspection dimension of machinig parts by vernier

We are EC Global, a 3rd party quality service company. We specialize in inspection, factory audit and loading supervision. Some of our team members have over 25 years of rich experience in quality service industry. We always follow the "customer-centric" principle, and we are dedicated to providing all kinds of solutions for quality issues, creating a one-stop quality service for our clients!

Rich Resources

Professional QC from all over the country.
Can arrange QC inspectors quickly.

Professional Service

Professional team for quality service.
Good reputation with high quality service.

Costs Down for Customers

No travel charges.
Reduce the inspection costs by nearly 50%.

♦ Costs down for your side! No travel expenses, and no additional charges at the weekends—All inclusive price.
♦ Some of our team members have a rich experience of more than 25 years in quality service industry.
♦ We can arrange QC inspectors for you quickly even within 12 hours, and inspection can be arranged timely even in peak seasons.
♦ Our services can be provided timely even in remote areas.
♦ Taking the advantages of internet technology, we can monitor the on-site inspection situation in real time and give you feedback timely.
♦ Inspection report can be submitted to you within 24 hours after inspection.