Reasons to work with ECQA

You have many choices of third-party service providers to work with. We appreciate our customers for their faith and trust in us. We have earned such trust as our overriding goal is to help our customers succeed. When you succeed, we succeed!

If you have not already worked with us, we invite you to have a look at us. We always appreciate the opportunity to share the reasons why so many satisfied customers have chosen to partner with us for their quality assurance needs.

What Makes ECQA Different


Our management is the senior QA/QC team who used to work at Li & Fung for nearly 20 years. They have broad insight into the root causes of quality defects and how to work with factories on corrective measures and develop related solutions throughout the production process.


Most inspection companies only provide pass/fail/pending results. Our policy is much better. If the scope of defects may cause unsatisfactory results, we proactively work with the factory to resolve production problems and/or rework defective products to bring them up to the required standards. As a result, you are not left hanging.


Working as employees of Li & Fung, one of the largest exporters/importers for major global brands in the world, has given our team special insight into product compliance and production management.


Unlike many of the larger players in the QC business, we arrange a single point of contact for all customer service needs. This person learns your business, product lines, and QC requirements. Your CSR becomes your advocate at EC.

Our Value Proposition

Lower Cost
Most of our work is done at a flat rate, with no additional costs for travel, rush orders, or weekend work.

Fast Service
We can provide next-day service for inspections, next-day delivery of reports, and real-time updates.

Our advanced technology allows us to monitor onsite work in real time and give quick feedback when needed.

Our rich industry experience gives us insight into all the “tricks” suppliers use to cut their costs.