Pre-shipment Inspection

Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI), is trusted by most buyers. Final inspection serves as a final test to assess product quality, packaging, product labeling, and carton markings and ensure that items are properly packed and suitable for their intended use. The FRI happens at 100% production finished with at least 80% of goods packed and placed in shipping cartons for verification of your purchase specifications.

It is appropriate for almost all kinds of consumer goods bought in Asia. The final inspection report is usually used by the importer to authorize shipment and trigger payment.

EC Global Inspection performs AQL sampling based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) standards and produce detailed inspection reports based on a defined AQL.


With your suppliers an ocean away, how can you ensure that the goods you receive meet your expectations for quality? The final random inspection is one of the most common third-party services conducted by importers working with manufacturers to verify the quality of your products before they are shipped. The benefits of final random inspection include:

● Make sure that your order was completed successfully before its delivery
● Confirmed that the goods have met importers standards
● Lower in import risk and avoid the product recalls
● Protect the brand image and reputation
● Reject faulty shipment
● Avoid unexpected costs and delays or returns
● Save time and secure your business
● Enable rework easily at the production facility (if needed)

How we do it?

Using a statistical method commonly used by industry, we will sample products to verify:

● Quantity produced (shipment quantity and packed)
● Labeling and marking
● Packing (product spec, PO, artwork, accessories)
● Visual appearance (product appearance, workmanship)
● Product specifications (weight, appearance, size, colors)
● All possible functions and possible on-site tests (safety, printing, criteria, etc.)
● Client special checkpoints

What can EC Global Inspection offer you? 

Flat pricing: Get fast and professional inspection services at flat price.

Super fast service: Thanks to quick scheduling, get the preliminary inspection conclusion from EC Global Inspection on site after the inspection is done, and the formal inspection report from EC Global Inspection within one business day; ensure timely shipment.

Transparent oversight: Real-time updates from inspectors; strict control of on-site operations.

Strict and fair: The expert teams of EC across the country provide you with professional services; independent, open and impartial anti-corruption supervision team randomly checks on-site inspection teams and monitors on site.

Personalized service: EC has service capability that covers multiple product categories. We will design a customized inspection service plan for your specific needs, to address your problems individually, offer an independent interaction platform and collect your feedback and suggestions about the inspection team. This way, you can be involved in inspection team management. Also, for interactive technical exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technical seminar for your needs and feedback.

EC Global Inspection Team

International Coverage: China Mainland, Taiwan, South East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar), South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Africa (Kenya), Turkey.

Local services: local QC can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses.

Professional team: the rigorous entry criteria and industry skill training create an excellent service team.