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When I put on my headset and walk down the road, the noise of the world has nothing to do with me. The human used wired headset a few years ago. With the development of science and technology, wireless Bluetooth headset appears, which is convenient introduction and simple, with bursting the sense of technology. With the increasing number of styles of wireless Bluetooth headset, the demand for inspection is becoming more and stricter in terms of quality.

The inspection report is an objective written certificate issued by the inspection institution upon the request of the applicant for inspection of the product, which is mainly used in the quality certificate of the product shipment. The inspection report plays an important role in determining whether the product quality reaches the standard. A qualified and authoritative inspection report shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the agreed inspection standards.

The inspection standard is synthesized by the inspection institution based on many years of experience, industry standards and the scope specified by customers to provide accurate code of conduct for the inspection activities.

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