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  • Inspection of Wooden Product

    Inspection of Wooden Product

    Wooden product refers to the product, whose raw material is wooden materials, is assembled with hardware and processed with paint and glue. Wooden product is closely related to our life, from sofa in living room, bed in bedroom to chopsticks that we use to have meals. Its quality is concerned by people so the inspection and test of wooden product is particularly significant. In recent years, the wooden products exported from China (such as wardrobe, chair, indoor and outdoor plant shelf) are popular in overseas market, such as Amazon E-commerce Platform. So how do we inspect the wooden products? What are standards and major defects of wooden products?

  • lumination Lamps Inspection

    lumination Lamps Inspection

    Illumination lamps in poor quality may injure consumers and even cause fire disaster. Importers and retailers of illumination lamps must implement comprehensive quality control plan to lower risks of quality and safety and maintain competitiveness.

  • Valve Inspection

    Valve Inspection

    I. Quality Requirement The relevant requirements for valve quality have been set forth in standards. ①The chemical component and mechanical property of the valve’s main materials conform to requirements in relevant material standards. ②The shape and size error of the valve castings meet the regulations in drawings. ③The non-processed surface of the valve castings shall be flat, smooth and free from adhering sand, oxide skin, pore, sand inclusion, cracks or other defects. The typecasting...
  • Industrial products

    Industrial products

    Inspection is an important part of quality control. We will provide comprehensive services for products at all stages of the entire supply chain, assisting you in controlling product quality at different stages of the production process and effectively preventing quality problems with your products. We will assist you in securing production safety, securing product quality, and making trade activities run smoothly.