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Tableware refers to the non-edible utensil and tools having direct contact with foods when having meals, and is used to assist the foods dispensing and delivering

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Our life cannot be separated from eating and drinking. However the tableware that is used most frequently in our three meals every day is often ignored by us. One set of delectable tableware will make the meal time an enjoyment. The quality of tableware on the market is jagged and tableware events appear more and more frequently. Therefore, we focus on the tableware quality much more.

Tableware Classification:

Tableware includes complete set, covering metal utensil, ceramic tableware, tea set and drinking vessel, glassware, paper utensil, plastic utensil and various types and multi-purpose of container-like tools (such bowl, dish, cup, pot etc.), handheld tools (such as chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, sucker, toothpick etc.) and single-use tableware, which is unfriendly to environment. There is also tableware made of degradable materials. The tableware can be roughly divided into three types: ceramics, glassware and knife & fork.

Service Superiorities

What can EC offer you?

Economical: At half industrial price, enjoy rapid and professional inspection service in high efficiency

Extremely rapid service: Thanks to immediate scheduling, preliminary inspection conclusion of EC can be received on site after the inspection is completed, and formal inspection report from EC can be received within 1 workday; punctual shipment can be guaranteed.

Transparent supervision: Real-time feedback of inspectors; strict management of operation on site

Rigorous and honest: The professional teams of EC around the country offer professional services to you; independent, open and impartial incorrupt supervision team is set to inspect on-site inspection teams randomly and supervise on site.

Customized service: EC has service ability that goes through the whole product supply chain. We will provide tailored inspection service scheme for your specific demand, so as to solve your problems specifically, offer independent interaction platform and collect your suggestions and service feedback about the inspection team. In this way, you can participate in inspection team management. At the same time, for interactive technology exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technology seminar for your demand and feedback.

EC Quality Team

International layout: superior QC covers domestic provinces and cities and 12 countries in Southeast Asia

Local services: local QC can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses.

Professional team: the strict admittance mechanism and industrial skill training develop superior service team.

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