Quality inspections

An inspection service, also known as third-party inspection or export and import inspection, is an activity to check and accept the quality of the supply and other relevant aspects of the trading contract on behalf of the client or buyer at their request, in order to check whether the goods supplied meet the requirements of the purchase contract and other special requirements of the buyer.

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Avoid delays in delivery and product defects, and take emergency and remedial measures immediately; reduce or avoid consumer complaints, returning of goods or credibility losses caused by the receipt of poor-quality products; drop the risk of customer compensation; verify the quality and quantity of the goods; avoid controversy over contracts; compare and select the best suppliers and obtain relevant information and advice; reduce high management fees and labor costs for monitoring and testing products.

We have more than 20 years of experience in quality control, and our inspection reports have been consistently well-received by the buyers. Thanks to our global service network, we can bring you fast and timely localization services regardless of your supplier's country. Our inspection report will be sent to you within 24 hours after the inspection, helping you to better understand the state of the goods you have purchased.

We use WeChat as our working platform and combine it with the existing inspection management system to fully professionalize our integrity and service information. This increases the opportunity for factories and inspectors to report each other's problems and empowers customers and factory representatives, so that customers and manufacturers can give their honest and objective feedback of EC's inspection services and integrity as soon as the next day, and without any pressure.

With our nationwide service network in China, your inspection needs will be promptly responded to by our service personnel, and our professional inspection staff will travel from the nearest office location. If you’re interested in knowing how we can meet your requirements for product quality and how we can help you to reduce the quality risks in the product procurement process, please scan this QR code to contact us.

Types of inspection services

● Pre-production inspection
Inspectors perform random sampling on raw materials, products in the first stages of the product development process, and other components and parts.

● During production inspection
Inspectors check the semi-manufactured products on the production line or the finished products just off the line. They check for defects and deviations, report to the factory, and recommend effective methods to amend the errors and deviations.

● Pre-delivery inspection
Pre-delivery sampling inspection of the finished product: inspectors check the quantity, production technology, performance, color, size specifications, packaging of the goods, and other details for inspection before everything is prepared and ready for shipment (usually 100% of the produced goods and 80% of the packaged goods). The sampling method is carried out under internationally recognized standards such as ISO2859, NF X06-022, ANSI, ASQC Z1.4, BS 6001 or DIN 40080. It also follows the buyer's AQL sampling level.

● Miscellaneous
The EC China Inspection team has been providing for a long-time innovative inspection solutions to serve Chinese domestic buyers and sellers inside and outside the country, e-commerce, and the hotel industry. We actively respond to the current requirements of Chinese quality manufacturing, domestic customers' overseas purchases, foreign imports, and service industry quality requirements.

Post time: Jul-09-2021